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Post Surgery Rehabilation

Updated: Jul 11

For many conditions, surgery is only the first step toward a full recovery. After surgery, your tissues, muscles and bones go through a period of healing. Because of this, your body needs to slowly return to everyday activities, which is why limiting mobility during recovery can sometimes result in improper healing. Side effects of this can include reduced range of motion, flexibility and functionality. Post-operative physical therapy is the ideal way to encourage your body to heal. In fact, we believe that the success of your surgical procedure is highly dependent on a personalized physical therapy plan. Physical therapists have a very good understanding of what needs to be done after each surgical procedure to maximize your recovery. It is very important that you adhere to the recommendations and exercises that your physical therapist will teach you in each phase of your recovery. Overall, physical therapy helps:

  • Minimize scar tissue

  • Restore strength

  • Regain range of motion

  • Speed up your recovery

  • Maximize return to full function and sport

  • Reduce pain

Physical Therapy Exercise & Recovery Guides If you’re preparing for a surgical procedure or curious about the recovery processes, Physical therapists are the best people to have by your side when you’re recovering from surgery. They are highly trained musculoskeletal experts who are focused on helping you reduce pain, restore functionality and get back to your optimal condition. Looking for help? Contact us at 469-573-3469 or shoot us an email at If you are facing surgery, don’t wait to schedule your appointment with a physical therapist. Not only will they be able to outline your rehabilitation schedule and recovery process, but they may also have valuable insight into things you can do now to prepare for your surgery date

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