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Neck Treatment

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be general soreness or stiffness, or it can manifest as pain with numbness, headaches, tingling in the arms or shoulders, or weakness while lifting or holding objects.  


It may also feel worse when you lie down at night.

  • Does your neck pain radiate down your shoulder or shoulder blades?

  • Does your shoulder blade pain come and go?

  • Do you have pain that travels in multiple directions from and to the arm and neck and even the fingers?

  • Do you often get headaches?

  • Are there mornings when you wake up and your neck is stiff and painful to turn?

  • Do you have days where your neck feels normal and days where you can hardly move?

If you answered yes to any of the above, there is a good chance that you are suffering from a mechanical neck problem. The McKenzie method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), manual therapy and therapeutic exercise can help.

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