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Welcome to Physioback Physical Therapy, our purpose is simple:

We believe in creating an amazing experience and building lifelong relationships with our patients, empowering them to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle. Empowering Movement, Embracing Health, Unleash Your Potential with Physioback!

We Help Empower People In Dallas To Stay Active And Quickly Recover From Their Injuries Safely And Independently So That They Can Reclaim A Life Free From Painkillers And Surgery.

Is Pain Or Injury Keeping You From The Active Life You Deserve?

If you’ve found your way to this page, it’s likely that you have some sort of injury, pain, or movement limitation.

Perhaps you’re having a hard time deciding on exactly what to try first?

Or maybe you’ve already tried various treatments but you’re still in pain?

Many of our clients find us after their physician told them “you just need to rest,” but rest alone wasn’t the answer and every time they tried to be active again, the pain would return.


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Consultation session in person with an expert Physical Therapist at our Dallas clinic.  In pain or injured and want to know what's causing it and how to get rid of it?  It won't cost you a dime to meet with an expert Physical Therapist to start figuring this thing out and design a path back to the active lifestyle you desire.

Book Now online by clicking the free onsite consultation button above.  


Benefits You Get When

Using Our Services


Physioback Core Values

  • ​Delivering an amazing experience to our patients

  • Showing compassion and empathy

  • Be humble

  • Displaying a sense of gratitude and service to others

  • Smiling is a form of charity

  • Pursue growth and learning

  • Anticipation positive results for our patients

  • Embracing passion and a life of excellence

  • Being the best in patient care

  • Build a positive, fun clinic family

Discover Pain-Free Living at Physioback Physical Therapy

Are you seeking relief from pain and discomfort? Look no further! At Physioback, our experienced team of dedicated physical therapists is here to help you regain mobility and enhance your quality of life.

 Our Services:
Personalized Treatment Plans
Customized Exercise Regimens
Hands-On Therapy Techniques
Specialized Rehabilitation Programs

 Why Choose Us?
Highly Skilled and Compassionate Staff
Flexible Scheduling Options
State-of-the-Art Facilities

Who Can Benefit?
Individuals Recovering from Injuries
Seniors Looking to Improve Mobility
Athletes Seeking Performance Enhancement

                   Schedule Your Consultation Today!
Don’t let pain hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a healthier, pain-free future. Call us at

469-573-3469 to book your consultation.

Experience the joy of movement with Physioback. Your Partner in Physical Wellness! 


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